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If we wish to improve farmers' income then we must create a vibrant and successful agricultural sector that is moving from production to self-use and consumption in the local markets, to the production of high quality produce to export markets.

Such a move would allow income increase of over 200%, and it is expected to create an income stream of foreign currency into the state coffers.

The Biofeed
Green Valley National Export Project (GVNEP) is an agricultural-economic business model designed to do just that.

GVNEP is based on the Israeli agricultural successful economic model.  GVNEP is using a multidisciplinary approach to bring a '
Full Israeli Agricultural Package' to the country who seeks to implement the model.

GVNEP is based on the early use and effective implementation of unique knowledge components as well as novel patented technologies, such as the FreeDome.

Fruit flies - are a group of pests that are responsible to the inability to export fresh fruits and vegetables, more than any other group of pests.

Today, although using sprays, traps, SIT and sanitation, 30% to 90% of the fruits are infested. Making an effort to export to a useless effort.

FreeDome - is a patented novel solution, developed by Biofeed, to effectively (i.e., export quality) control fruit flies, without the use of sprays. Hence, treated fruits are free of pests and free of chemical residues. The use of FreeDome is the first necessary step to open the export markets to GVNEP fresh fruits.

The FreeDome has already become an integral part of the GVNEP model, thus providing a sustainable and long-term advantage to any GVNEP.

  The Success of Grand Challenges Israel Competition


What stops fresh produce exports?


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Meeting with a Mango grower - Ghana


The game-changing technology that enables exports


 Mango growers after using FreeDome
 Mango growers after using FreeDome
 Meeting PM's of India and Israel
Obed; Dreams Do Come True
  From Past Control to Future Green Control
Green Valley Fruits
Obed; Ineffective Control Real Cost

Patrick Williams, When we first set-up the FreeDome

Marionist Brothers, Sotouboua

Few Units Per Hectare

Patrick Williams - At the end of the season

Yacuobuo - A Mango Grower, local market
Amadi - manager of Blue Skies farm
Obed Amavor, owner of Amevor farm
Patrick Williams, owner of Hydrotech farm
 Uzi - A Table Grape Grower, Export Quality
 Barak - A Mango Grower, Export Quality
 Shmolik - A Mango Grower, Export Quality
 Ronen Hillel - Pomegranate, Export Quality
  We Change People's Lives
 Togo TV
FreeDome in India

Patrick Williams– Hydrotech Farm: infestation of the flies…, we lose over 50%-60% of the fruits, which doesn’t make us money

Eugene Amadi-Atta, manager of Blue Skies farm: The result is (with FreeDome) fantastic!… not even 1% (fruit fly infestation)… it is good. It is very effective… , and it has been proven here

Obed Amevor, owner of Amevor farm:  the reason I have not been able to export is because of fruit flies… we farmers get more money when it comes to export… this is the first time I am getting fruits for export… if I had the whole farm fruiting I will buy a Range Rover right next year… this (FreeDome) should be my last stop… I have seen it… extremely good! This is the best… Thank you, you put money in my pocket

Ami Kenan – Zemach packing house - In 2009 we began implementing a Green Valley project. We wanted to create a different agricultural culture…  Each person should specialize in his own field; the idea is that experts are used in their area of expertise. I am no expert in flies; I do not speak their language; Nimrod is someone who can do just that.

Yehuda Vineberg, Ramat-Magshimim - This patent is better than organic pest control." "…The issue is not only cost reduction, but rather an effective way to grow extensive quantities of crops." "I have tried all kinds of pesticides; the best results for the long run are achieved with Biofeed.

Barak Kaplan, Ginnosar - Biofeed as a whole represents much more than figures of cost efficiency or efficacy per hectare. It represents a world-view that compels farmers to pay attention to, monitor, and actually get familiar with fruit flies. In fact, until we started using Biofeed, we did not know what the fruit fly looks like, and whether or not it is harmful…  My citrus inspector, who planted the orchard 30 years ago and has been active in the field for dozens of years, did not know what the fruit fly or its sting looked like either. … Biofeed brought along a special approach to the fly, as well… Nimrod and the Biofeed team's expertise is the key to success.

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A small idea can go a long way with the right people
Dr. Nimrod Israely
Founder and CEO

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